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Storm WildEye Swim Shad


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These hand-poured PVC soft-plastic Wildeye Swim Shad bodies are impregnated with Biosalt for added flavor that fish really love. The buried lead head won’t give fish an odd, hard feel and cause them to spit the bait prematurely. The holographic flash matches natural forage colors for realistic detail. A prism eye in the front of the lure gives fish a place to target and hit hard.

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9 inch 2 hooks Pearl, 9 inch 2 hooks Shiner Chartreuse Silver, 6 inch Pearl 3 pack, 6 inch Shiner Chartreuse Silver 3 pack, 4 inch Pearl 3 pack, 4 inch Shiner Chartreuse Silver 3 pack, 4 inch Golden Mullet 3 pack, 4 inch Bunker 3 pack